Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Why create an account?
Creating an account gives you options that posting without an account does not give you. With an account you can edit your posts and comments, and remove them. You can also follow other members, and unlike posts and comments you have liked.
Also, its free!
2. Is it free to use and to create an account?
Yes! It is completely free to use this site, with or without creating an account. Creating an account just gives you more options as stated in the above answer.
3. Why is my email needed?
Your email is needed for security reasons, it may be needed to verify your account, and in the case that you will want to change your password, your email will be needed.
Resetting your password will require your actual email address as an email will be sent to it with your new password. Without a valid email, you will not be able to reset your password.
4. Will you show my email on the site?
No! We do not show your email on the website, we don't even store it as a plain email, your email is stored as a long hashed string!
5. Can I remove my posts and comments?
Yes you can! You can remove all of your content with the click of a button, but this will require you to have an account.
Anything posted while not being logged in will not be able to be removed.
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