When i was a kid my favorite game was diablo 2, the options you had to build characters were amazing, it was interesting, it was great!

Creating new characters was always fun for me.

Then they came out with diablo 3, i only played the demo, but i cant sat i really enjoyed it, even though the demo was very short.
I have heard that a lot of other people dont really like the game too much either..

Hope they will create a diablo 4 and make it similar in game play as diablo 2, or maybe they can even remake diablo 2 but with more modern graphics!
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profile image Jd   3ys ago
I loved playing as a paladin! I also liked the barbarian and the sorceress!

I hope a diablo 4 is in the works!
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profile image What a Day   3ys ago
Loved diablo 2, not so much diablo 3
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