I feel that today, society is a sort of slavery.
Basically, unless you agree on living on the streets, eating from garbage cans, or living in the wild, you have to work, you have to either get a job, or find another way of getting money.

Most people get jobs, jobs that take up most of their days, most of their lives.
Some spend 12 hours at work almost everyday, whats left for them? They just spent 12 hours working for someone else, they only have another 12 hours in the day, 8 of those are for sleep, which leaves them only 4 hours!

4 hours to live, only 4 hours of personal time, almost every day..

Of course some people love their job and wouldnt mind working even more than 12 hours, some who work more or less really love what they do and wouldnt want to change it, but maybe they dont realy know anything else? Maybe they do know other things, worse things, and this is just a compromise?

There are some that truly love what they do, including the time they spend doind it, good for them.

But others, i would assume the majority, do not.
They would rather live their own dream and build their own company or do what ever they would want to do with their life, because, its their life!

But not everyone can do that, at least not easily, and others dont want to fight for it enough, they think its not really obtainable.

For those who think it cannot be done and who prefer to keep working for who ever they are working for, the next time you think that building your own company cannot be done, just remember, you are working for someone else who DID build a company..
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