I have tried going against what almost everyone says, which is to not workout on an empty stomach.

It was amazing! I had more energy than when i worked out while not on an empty stomach!

It was part of my intermittent fasting try, i fasted for about 16 hours every day, and did a strength workout at the 15th hour, and then ate the biggest meal of the day, each day consisted of 3 meals.

I had great results, i lost body fat (went down to about 7%) and gained muscle (about 20 pounds) in a relatively short amount of time.
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I have read in a few places that most trainers are tought based on data that resulted from misinterpretted studies, usually linked to actual supplement companies, companies that used these studies to target their goal of selling more.

If this is true, then maybe you could have gotten the better gains and lower body fat because you didnt listen to the trainers anymore, who were basing their answers based on wrong data that was encoraged by the supplement companies to get people to buy more supplements..
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