Ill use this platform as a sort of anonymous blog. Hopefully, as this community grows, my posts will inspire others to go out and live their dreams, find their own adventures, and really live life to the fullest.

Always remember, you dont have to go so far to find an amazing adventure, you can find one right at you door step. But, if you do decide to go as far as you will in search of great adventures, do it wholeheartedly, even though you may be full of fear and anxiety, confusion and doubt, always give it your best, 100% effort, 100% heart, and then, at the end of they day, you will be able to take a moment and just think to yourself: "what a day.."

Its rarely the things we do in life that we end up regretting, rather, its those things that we dont do that cause us to later look back and say to ourselves: "i wish i would have done that when i have the chance..".

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