Regret i feel is a large part of life, not because there are so many things that we do that we regret, but because there are so many things we just don't want to regret.

It could be not wanting to regret not doing something that we want to do, and it could be regretting doing something that we don't want to do (usually its the former as its usually the things we don't do that we regret), what ever the case, regret is a large part of our lives in most cases.

Letting go of regret and simply doing is probably easier said than done, but, in the long run, working on it and making it possible is the way to go i feel, living without worrying about regretting things..

While traveling, you could be faced with many challenges and new situations that will leave you debating with yourself if you should do it or not.
In the end its really down to what you think and feel at that moment, i like to weigh my options, to take a moment and think about my options and think about the positives and negatives of each in a very short sort of list, and sometimes based on that i make my decision, i find that this makes things easier.

What ever your method of deciding what to do is, do it wholeheartedly, if you are completely dedicated to your decision, the possibility of regret is minimized, believe in yourself and our decision.
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