Here is an interesting one to ask others:

If you were to see someone beating a dog with a stick from far away, what would you do?

(usually they say that they would go help the dog)

Why would you go and help the dog?

(because the person shouldn't be beating the dog!)

OK, now, as you get closer, you see that the person is in fact beating an animal with a stick, but, its not a dog, its a baby cow.. What do you do now?

If the person says nothing, well, something may seriously be wrong with him if seeing that its a baby cow and not a dog makes him change his mind and not save the animal..

If the person says that he would still try to help the baby cow, than this can be used to show him the similarity between this situation and real life industries, and that he is in fact an activist for animal rights.

He wouldn't pay that guy to beat the baby cow, he wouldn't even let that guy continue doing it..
But, he is in fact paying people to do even worse things to baby cows and other babies and animals..
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