Sometimes i find myself getting angry at the littlest of things, it can be the noise of a cabinet closing, someone not understanding me, something falling (a broom falling and making a noise really gets to me!)..

I think one thing that really gets me mad is when someone doesnt understand what im trying to say, it doesnt matter how many times i repeat myself, sometimes even if i have to repeat myself just once i automatically gets me annoyed.. I dont think its because i have to repeat myself, i do really understand exactly what it is that gets me, but at that moment when the other person doesnt understand what im saying, i get annoyed/angered.

Also, once i get annoyed/angered, that itself annoys me even more! The fact that im in that position gets me annoyed even more, having to continue to repeat myself just adds to it...

I get really impatient, sometimes really nasty too..
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