Ok so I meet this guy last spring he was funny cool and very charming. We hit it off real good. He even introduced me to his younger son. In time we had intercourse and it was good. We would always make time to see one another during the week. He told me he loved me 3 months ago but I couldn't say it back to him because we were just having sex we didn't know each other enough far all that. That's what I was thinking to myself. He switched up his attitude and started asking me for money and I would pretend like I didn't have any. We would only hook up from time to time. I'm starting to catch feelings and sometimes he wouldn't answer his phone for maybe 3 to 5 days at a time and it made me mad. So I was like fuck it I deleted him from my social media accounts, but I miss him and just ant to know if he is ok. His cell phone number doesn't work anymore and I haven't seen him around the neighborhood. I miss him. I'm worried something might have happened to him. What shall I do? Am I being played because I wouldn't say I love you back?
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Maybe it has nothing to do with you not saying you love him, maybe this was his game from the beginning, to get close to you enough to ask you for things like money, and when he saw it wasnt working for him he decided to stop answering and to back off.

Maybe its better to leave it?
If your really worried you could maybe ask one of his friends or someone who knows him..
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Did you know any one that knows him and that would know about him? You could ask them just to be sure..

Maybe you werent being played, but does it matter either way? If he was playing you or not, would you want to be with someone like that?
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