The amazing effect of music

Music can have such an amazing and unique effect on us, for me, it can take me through every emotional state i have been in.
It can calm me down, it can get me excited, motivated, happy, reminiscent, even upset - especially if its something i don't particularly like!

Throughout my life i have had different stages of music, i have had the rock stage, the metal, the death metal, the opera, the rap, i have had stages where i listened to specific bands almost exclusively, even times where i listened to the same song constantly on repeat.
And after not hearing that specific song for a while and then all of a sudden listening to it again or hearing it just takes me back to those times that i used to listen to it on repeat, and this is true with all of the different kinds music.

There was a time when i was working far from home for about a year, i was introduced there to the movie "Into The Wild" and as a result to its soundtrack also, specifically, to Eddie Vedder.
I spent a rather nice portion of my music listening time there listening to that soundtrack and other Eddie Vedder songs, which ultimately led me to Pearl Jam - a band i knew about but never really heard or listened to before - i loved them!

Now, a few years after leaving that place, every time i hear the album "10", it just takes me back to that year, to that location, to those times, every time i hear songs from Into The Wild it puts me right back there in that bed watching the movie on my laptop!

I was introduced to Linkin Park when i was a kid, i listened to them so much, knew all of their songs and their lyrics, and was just a huge fan!
After that period of my life i moved on to other bands and other genres of music, but when ever i hear a Linkin Park song, it again takes my back in time to those moments, and i can literally remember a time when i was listening to that specific song from so many years ago!

Music has an undeniable magical effect, on me and on millions of others.
I love being open to new kinds of music, new genres, new instruments, i love adding more of these moments to my list of "songs that take me back", i believe it can be therapeutic as well, at least it has been for me.

Like most people, I have been through some hard times where i just couldn't stop thinking and focusing on all of the negative that was surrounding me and going on in my life, putting on the Into The Wild soundtrack or really anything by Eddie Vedder was a sort of escape from the sometimes hell feeling reality that i was living, it gave me peace, joy, and happiness. It took me back to a better time, a time where i was on an adventure, where i could recreate myself, it motivated me, it calmed me down, and when i was done listening, it returned me to reality but in a better condition than i was in when i left it.

So, as i said, music can be truly magical, its ability to take you away from your current reality, for me at least, is like none other, and sometimes during life that is exactly what we need!

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