I cant let her go

I cant stop trying to be around her, am i obsessed?
We arent together, and we dont really hang out anymore or do the things we used to, and even when we do its very different from the way it used to be..

I wish it was still like it was, things happened and it changed, but i cant stop feeling that it can still be like it was, and it frustrates me so much that its not.

Every morning i have the intention of not trying to be with her or near her or anything like that if not needed, just to give her space, but it never works out! I always end up going back and trying to be with her, and she doesnt want to, and that frustrates me again, its a terrible cycle that i dont know how to end.

I even know that a lot of what i do i do to be around her, the way i do things is to get her to respond, same with the things i say, but she doesnt respond the way i want her to, which again, eats me up inside and i cant stand it, the feeling it gives me is awful, and its not her fault at all! Its completely 100% me, and i just dont know how to stop feeling like this, i really want to, i need this to end!

I wish i could be normal next to her like i am with everyone else, like she seems to be around me, her acting so normal around me as if nothing happened also gets to me like nothing else!
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