Do i really feel what i feel, or is it being amplified?

I thought about the possibility that perhaps things that i think i feel towards someone, the good and bad, are being amplified by everything else that`s going on in my life.

The thought is that i am taking everything that is happening to me, all of my feelings, and focusing all of that emotion and energy into this one area of my life, so what ever i feel towards that person is being amplified, so every small incident that causes a minor negative feeling ends up being a big problem in my mind, it can go from being a minor negative to a devastation..

The same goes for the good things, but i find that its the bad things that, for the most part, in situations like mine, have more impact on how i feel.

This causes me to wonder how much of what i am feeling towards this person is actually real, and actually towards this person. How much of it is just being amplified and projected from other areas of my life that i am dealing with?

This thought gets me wondering about so many things.
How do i actually feel about this person?
If i wasn't dealing with all of these other things, how would things be between me and this person?
Is it fair to either of us?

This thought, which i think may actually be the case, makes me feel unsettled, im happy to understand myself a little bit more and to have come so far as to think about this, but, if this is the case then i just dont know whats actually real, what i am actually feeling, and towards what.

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