Doing things you think you cant do

I`m not a blogger or a writer, but i decided that ill starting posting on this website and see how it goes. I`m not really expecting much in terms of feedback, i just wanted a place i can be open in and say everything on my mind.

If you would ask me if i could write blog posts or anything like that, i would have probably said no, i cannot, really, i shouldn't..

And that`s how i felt before doing this, but, as you get into it, you learn, you adapt, you start seeing progress, you really start feeling as if you can do this, and your confidence just really starts going up.
I find that this is true for many other areas in life, especially the areas you fear the most or are the most unwilling to do, even though you would really want to.

Once you actually start, once you get in to it and really devote your self to it, the change is incredible, the feeling even more.. It just feels good, its an accomplishment, a success, even if you didn't do it as well as you would have hoped or as well as others or it didn't go as well as you wanted, you still did it, in spite of all of your feelings, fears, and anxiety towards it.

You feel proud, and this alone can give you such a boost in confidence, and overall happiness.
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