5 things I learned while being on the road

I unfortunately haven't had too many options to go out on a long adventure, and by long i mean a period of a few months at least. Life just got in the way and didn't really leave room for it.

Things are different now though, life changed, things changed, and i have had the time to travel for an extended period of time, and as much as i loved the freedom, i cant say that my time traveling didn't include difficulties and lots of frustration.

Would i do it again? Without a doubt! Would i be better prepared? I sure will.

Here are 5 things i learned while one the road that i will for sure keep in mind next time i go exploring the world:

1. Google maps isnt always as reliable as you would think!
I cant count the amount of times that i searched for a location in google maps, a campground by a river for example, and drove for 2 hours to get there, only to find out that its not the right place and Maps actually took me to an abandoned RV parking lot!
I don`t know if its just me and that i just don`t know how to use google maps properly, but there is definitely something wrong in my relationship with google maps.
The worst part of driving to the wrong place, which was pretty far sometimes, was getting there late at night, only to find out that its not actually the place i was looking for, and then to realize that there isn't really anything near by and that your only option is to either sleep right there in your car (if its even possible), or to just drive all the way back..
The most frustrating part of this point is the waste of time and the waste of gas, its very time consuming and expensive to drive to the wrong place for 2 hours.
Next time, ill either use a different GPS service or ill just leave early in the morning, just in case i have to drive all the way back and look for a new place.

2. Not planning too much is great, not planning at all is a bit less.
During my trip, i spent most of my time without a plan. The most i planned was the area i would travel too, once in the area i would typically go along with what ever would happen, sometimes i would sit and do some research about what there was to do in that specific place, but usually not much more than that. That has worked out pretty well for me i must say, not knowing every detail of your trip adds a little bit more excitement.
With that said though, not having a plan at all, or even planning as much as i normally do, isn't always very exciting and can sometimes be the cause to a lot frustration!
Some places aren't so easy to get around to and in, and not having a plan or knowing what to expect sometimes caused me to feel really unorganized and lost.
As much as i like traveling with no plan, i know that at times i just need to sit down, and do some more research and to know what i'm getting in to and even have a backup plan.

3. Regardless of what you hear or read, people are nice!
Well, most of them are.
I have heard so many stories about the people in some areas that i was planning on visiting. Stories that would normally cause me to rethink even going to those places!
Once actually there, though, i learned that everything those people told me or that i read may actually be true, but just not for the majority of the people. There are of course people who you would probably prefer to stay away from, but that is such a minority that you probably wont even meet these people. I didn't. I actually met some of the nicest people i have ever met!
People, newspapers, media, they are all so fast to judge and to state their opinions as facts, someone having one bad experience can result in that person telling anyone they meet how bad that place is, while the truth can be far from that.
Hearing stories about how bad some places are never really made me rethink going to those places, and i never really regretted going to them either. Its just worth keeping in mind that just because one person, or even multiple people, say that the water is too cold, it doesn't mean that its too cold for you, it may be the perfect temperature for you.

4. Don't be scared to do new things.
How often can you say that you did something that you have never done before?
While traveling i was exposed to so many new things that i have never done, and never thought i would do, some of these things i was even against for some time!
But, i feel that to get the most out of your travels, to get the best experience, you have to go in open minded and not just say no when its comfortable. Maybe don't say yes right away, but don't disqualify things right off the bat without even considering them.
If i would have done that i wouldn't have done some of the best things i have ever done in my life! Experiences that i will carry with me till the end.
Through these things i have meet so many people that were such an important factor in making my travels the amazing times they were.
I hope to continue being open minded for my next travels, in the beginning i was pretty closed minded, but towards then end i started really opening up to new ideas and experiences. Something that i think will serve me well in life in general, especially on my next trips!

5. Have Fun!
Throughout my travels i had so many moments where i was just so angry and frustrated, whether it be google maps, people, or just unfortunate situations.
These feelings would sometimes last much longer than they should have, and in the end really changed the vibe of my traveling.
I learned that its really about how you deal with things, keep in mind that you are traveling, you are on an adventure, why would you allow it to be filled and effected by all of this negativity?
Let that go, sure it sounds easier than it actually is, but, sometimes it really is just as easy to do, to just stop thinking about the bad, and to move on.
Have fun, you are doing something that others can spend their whole life not doing, experience it to the fullest with the best possible attitude, and don't let the negative things get to you!

Bottom line:
Have fun! I havent traveled too much in my life, but i have learned a few things from the little bit of traveling that i have done, and it all comes down to just having the best time you can, staying positive, open minded, safe, and to enjoy every moment!

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