We let others get to us way too easily

Something that i truly believe is that we are in charge of our own lives. Sure, there are things that happen that we do not decide or have control over, these things may have been decided by people long ago or from past events that occurred way before our time, but those are just the cards we were dealt, its completely up to us how we play our hand. We may not have the best hand but we sure as hell can make the best out of it!

What i mean by that is that even though life throws us things that are out of our control, we can still control how we react to those things, whether they be people, problems, issues, what ever they may be, its our decision to react to these things in the best way we can, in a way that will make us feel good about ourselves while not hurting anyone or anything around us.

This, though, is quite easy to write down, its a completely different challenge to actually do in real life.
Life is as real as you make it, its your life, your world, everyone is living in their own world and they are the ones to decide how it looks, who is in it, and how they live it.

With all that said, i keep in mind that it is so easy to let other people and situations in to the decision making process of how your day is going to be, what kind of mood you are in, and how happy you are.
Sure, sometimes we let people in to these decision and the outcome is amazing, but, other times, way too many times i would say, we let them in and they make terrible decisions for us, and they cause so much harm that we are left angry, frustrated, sad, annoyed, or any other negative feeling we are left with.

But we need to understand and remember that this is our life, our world, and we should be the ones who decide how we feel even if we let other people in, which is completely fine!
There will always be those people who will cause the negative feelings to surface, which is why there are boundaries, let people in if you want, but don't let them stay too long or go too far in to the point where they alone decide how you feel and its not under your control anymore, don't let them break you.

Its your world and its your life, live it that way!

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