Finding Family

Family is not only that group of people that were at the hospital the day you were born, or the people waiting at home to meet you for the first time, nor is family only those who where born with a blood relation to you later in life.

In my travels I have come to the realization that family is something that you can acquire, family is based on the connections you make with people, what these people mean to you, and the bond and love you share with them.

Family comes in many forms, and can appear at random times throughout your life, even when you least expect it. At times you may not even notice that you have found someone who you can consider family, its only until after your time together passes that you realize what that person means to you.

You don’t have to be blood related, you don’t have to be geologically close, or even close in terms of speaking to each other every so often. Family is more than that, a brother is someone who you know that even after so long without speaking to each other, will still be there for you, will have your back when you need it, will love you and support you, and you for him.

It’s a beautiful and fulfilling thing to find, and you can find it at the most unexpected times and places in your life, as I have.

Be open minded, be yourself, let people in, be as much of a brother, a sister, a family to others as you would want others to be to you.

New family members are everywhere, and my family is growing all the time, they are all so very different, from me and from each other, and I would not replace a single one of them!
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