Restaurants that serve "vegan" food

I have noticed a sort of trend, if you want to call it that, that some would say is a good one, and others would say is not. There are a lot of restaurants that, regardless of the actual concept and ideal of the term “vegan”, have meals that can be vegan, usually by just not putting any meat or dairy or other animal products on what ever is being bought, say, a sandwich for example.

These places claim that they serve vegan options, the problem is that they simply do not care about the reasoning behind serving vegan food, and this can be seen in the way they serve their “vegan” options. They only claim to have vegan options because technically, if done properly and not the way they do it, meals you purchase from them can be vegan. Its just not the case with most of these fast food restaurants or “build your own” restaurants like Chipotle.

If you go to a restaurant like Chipotle, sure, you could get a meatless and dairy free meal, you could even just get a bowl and ask for a salad, that way, from what they would tell you, it would be vegan.
Then comes the problem! When they actually start putting your meal together, you notice that the person who ordered before you, ordered cheese for his sandwich and that the person behind the counter putting the meal together used his hand to scoop out the cheese, and is now using that same hand that has cheese on it to give you lettuce, tomatoes, and everything else you asked for.

This is no longer vegan!

And vegetarian? Not quite! The placement of their meat is not in a very ideal place, nor is the way they scoop the meat ideal either (not that there is an ideal way to scoop meat, it sounds absurd).
The way this is done is by scooping the meat and its liquids out of its container with a sort of spoon, a spoon that when moved to pour the meat, leaks the liquid, and sometimes even the meat.
Now, about the placement of the meat container..
The meat is usually not really separated from the vegetables and beans and other foods that could and should be vegan, they are usually side by side, so when the liquid leaks, it leaks into these other containers.
What this means is that:

Its no longer vegan, nor vegetarian!

This is not a rant against Chipotle, its a rant against Chipotle and everyone who uses this same sort of messed up system, who claim to have vegan options while pouring meat on your food and putting cheese in it.

This all happens up front, right in front of the customers, with no shame and with no care in the world.
If that's the case when its in the customers face - a customer who is asking for vegan food - I wonder how bad it could be behind the scenes, when you sit at a table and order food and the chef prepares your meal in the kitchen, where you cant see a thing.
I can only imagine what goes on there and how the food is made and what it actually contains.

I normally do not go into places like Chipotle or any of these “build your own” restaurants because they are simply not vegan, and because I do not wish to support these food chains or any food merchant who`s main revenue is from selling torture products: meat and dairy.

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I also stay away from these places, another issue i have with them is that when i ask them if something is vegan, they don't know what i mean by vegan and think i mean vegetarian, so i just don't trust that what i'm getting is actually vegan, without eggs and honey, etc.
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