Certain animals are okay to eat while others are not?

If I were to tell you that your neighbour has cat and dog meat in his freezer, which baseball bat would be your choice to knock on his door?

Most people would not feel okay with this, especially if it were their neighbor, someone living so close to them, even more if they owned a cat or a dog themselves!
Some would even try to do something about it and report them.

But, funny thing (well, not so funny) - that same person who went to his neighbour with his baseball bat, the same one that just reported him, is now going to go back to his own home to cook dinner, and to do this he will go to his freezer, and choose which severed animal part he will cook today..

This is disturbing in so many ways! First of all, no severed body parts or meat of any kind is okay to have in a freezer, just think about it, you are storing pieces of dead bodies in your freezer, the freezer your kids probably store their ice creams in!

The comparison between cats and dogs to cows and pigs - or to any animal that most people usually eat - disturbs and upsets meat eaters. They say that the comparison is not fair and that we should be ashamed of ourselves for even making that comparison.
They say that they would never hurt a dog - but they will go around and take a piece of pig out of their freezer for dinner, simply because, as they would say - “Its not the same”, “You cant compare the two”, “Cats and dogs are friends, they are family, cows and pigs are food, they are dinner”.

And we should be ashamed of ourselves, right?

How disturbing is it that we have grown to separate animals in to 2 categories:
Animals we eat.
Animals we don’t eat.
Even sadder is the fact that most meat eaters would probably eat those not usually eaten also, and they don’t just because of certain restrictions such as law, religion, or that its simply too difficult to obtain the certain meat.

China has a festival in which they eat dog meat, its an annual “celebration” in which they consume 10,000 - 15,000 dogs in about 10 days, if you talk about this with most meat eaters, they would say that they are completely against this and would never take part in it, some would even go so far as to protest against this!
When talking to these same people about why its wrong to do that to dogs but its okay to do that to cows, veil, sheep, and other culturally okay animals to eat, they once again say that its not a fair comparison, and go one with their usual reasoning as to why its okay.

Such a difference has been made between animals, a disgusting one - a difference in consumption.
Based on the given animal, its decided if it is okay to eat it or no, or if it should be fought for.

No animals should be eaten.
All animals should be fought for!
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