There must be a balance

Loneliness at times seems amazing, it seems exactly what you you think you want, to the point where you just want to leave everything behind and to go out on a quest to find ultimate loneliness.
Then, when you do it and you actually find that loneliness, you learn that its not what you want at all and that you just feel sad and alone.

Stories like Christopher Mccandless (or, Alexander Superstramp) are amazing stories that cause some to want to leave society and go live in the wild for a period of time until they have their own awakening or new understanding about life.
But some find out that its not as fun and liberating as they may have thought..

There is a balance, and it needs to be found. For some it may be the best thing in the world to actually be that alone, for others it may just cause some of the worst feelings they could feel.

Balance is key!
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