Who has been diagnosed with ADHD after they've left school?

How much of a difference did it make to your Uni studies?
and your life in general?
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i have been diagnosed with ADHD during school, they gave me medication to try and help.
The way the checked if it was helping was by looking at my grades, which to me just doesnt make sense, what if i just wasnt a good student or didnt want to learn those subjects? (which was actually the case).
So they took me off it.
I cant say if it really had any effect on me, i didnt feel any different.
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also, there is a great TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson about the education system and how they diagnose children who are not doing good in school with ADHD and then give them medication as if it is the cure and the answer.
He gives great examples as to why it may just be that these people with "ADHD" just want to focus on subjects that interest them rather than subjects that don't, subjects that they have to learn in school, rather than subjects they actually choose and want to.
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