We make mistakes that we just cant seem to learn from

Mistakes happen, and they will continue to happen, we just need to learn from them and make sure that the same ones don't happen again.

But what if we cant learn from them? We end up making the same mistakes again and again, even if they are separated by years.

And only after we make the same mistake do we realize how far back we are compared to where we thought we were. We feel that the fact that we made that same mistake again means that we have not grown or improved ourselves enough, or at least not as much as we thought we did.

Are there some mistakes that we just cant help but make? Does it mean that we are not trying hard enough?
Maybe its in our nature, maybe everyone has certain mistakes that they make that they cant change, that these things are just apart of who they are.

Are mistakes really mistakes? Are they not what was supposed to happen?
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