Social Restrictions Of Age Are Results Of Society

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Despite what society would have you believe, being 30 is not old, neither is 40 or any other age. Its up to you to decide if you are old or not.
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30 years of age used to sound old.

It sounded like an age where people are married, have kids, a career, and, most importantly, far different from the way they were when they were 20.

But just like most things that are socially acceptable, i find that this is true mainly because of society.
Its the society we live in that determines that a 30 year old should be well in to their career, that they should be married, or at least in a long term serious relationship, and, its not a requirement, but, its probably best to own some land, a house maybe (property that you have to of course take a loan for, another thing you believe you own that you cant even pay for).

The level at which i disagree with all of these social restrictions and guidelines (more like rules) is endlessly going up, and recently i have started to add the age restrictions to it too.

This includes all above the above, but, in addition, it includes not being as active as you were when you were younger, in your 20s, not being adventurous as you were, not being open to knew things, new places, new ideas, new people, and maybe most importantly, also perhaps a summary of all the points above - that your young life is over, that you now will live the rest of your days as most others do, married with a career in a house, with no real adventures, nothing new really happening to you, a stale and unexciting life.

I always thought that the 20s is the best decade of your life, because you are still young, but at least legal, and not too young as to not be taken seriously when needed, and at the same time you are not too old for others to not think you belong in certain places do to your age (its as if once you pass that age of 29.9, that's it, your a different person, in a different category and should just give up on the fun life you had a few days ago).

It was as if i had to have all the fun and adventures i could have, and fit them all into my 20s.
I didn't do that, i went more towards those society guidelines. Not on purpose (do most people who go by these guidelines say this?), but it happened, not fully, but mostly.
Now as i am approaching 30 though, i still feel all the things i felt when i was a year younger, 2 years younger, and even younger.
I don't feel like the "fire" is out, it may be because at the current state of the world society, 30 isn't that old anymore, just as 20 used to seem like adult years in the far past, maybe now that's true about the 30s. Maybe at some point it will get to the 40s are the adult life, and until then you are still a kid.

I am starting to rethink all of this. I didn't do everything i wanted to in my 20s, and i may not actually do them in my early 30s (i hope i will though, i'm working on it!), but should the fact that i am in my 30s prevent me from doing these things?

Why? what should stop me about the number? i could go around telling everyone i'm 26 or 27, its not something unbelievable, i don't look old, not that being 30 looks much older from 26 or 27..

I feel good, yes i should be exercising more and moving more, but in general i am healthy, i don't look old, so what would prevent me from doing these things that i want to do?

Why is age a factor in them?
Because in 5 or 8 years i will be approaching my 40s? Any by that time i should already have teenagers growing in a house i own and providing for them thanks to my career?

Sure, that can be the thought.
But that would mean that i would never do what i want to do because i need to start going through societies guidelines and start them all now.

There is no reason why being in your 30s should prevent you from travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people, new friends, new cultures, new everything. It should prevent the adventures and fun you want to have in life.

So you leave now to travel the world, you go to different places around the world, meet many places, discover many new things, after a few years you get tired of the constant travelling and decide to make base somewhere.
This becomes your sort of go-to-home. Its where you go after travelling for 6 months and needing a break from it (since travelling constantly isn't easy also!).

You would make money by either saving up before you go out travelling, or, you would work while travelling.
You could meet people along the way, start a relationship, and life can go on, not by the social rules, because if i would go by them, then i would be stuck at a house i don't want, with a career i don't want, with a family that i would love but be impatient and frustrated none stop because i didn't do what i wanted to, i didn't live the life i wanted to. This wont do me any good, and definitely not my family.

The bottom line is that i believe we need to stop thinking about age as a category of people. People in their 30s should not be viewed as those who should be pinned down with a family, property, and a career, this may be just me, and just for me, because it is what i have been feeling about it, from what i see in society.
But its wrong, your 30s don't have to be any different from your 20s in terms of adventures, in terms of living your life, the way you want to live it, and i need to keep this in mind, because at times i feel as if i have wasted so many years doing what everyone else does and not living the way i always wanted to, and now that i am approaching my 30s, i feel frustrated that i wasted all those years, that now it may be too late, that now it wont be the same as if i went back then, because i'm old, too old..
I need to keep reminding myself that this is not true.

Its not true unless i let it be true, then it will be. If i can keep it in mind, that its not true, then my 30s will be even better than my 20s.
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