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Mental Wellbeing
Love vs attachment;

We should only be practicing LOVE.

Not attachment.

When one comes from of a place of "I love you for YOUR betterment and grace and I love myself the same"
instead of from a spot of "what you can do for MY happiness? MY COMFORT" -

Then you know you are coming from your heart and not the ego

When you do this
You then start to raise the vibration of your heart Chakra for yourself and all those in the world simultaneously. I promise you.

This is also of course practicing good mental health of stopping the co dependency in your life. And inviting pure true love into your life for all you see, you encounter and for yourself.

The same pure one HE loves you with.

OH and if when you asked yourself if you come from a negative attachment in your relationships and you realize you might-
Well please know that ONLY YOUR OWN POWERS can fix that unfulfilled happiness you are looking to others to fill. YOU write, direct, act in your OWN reality.

Change your thoughts, change your reactions, practice gratitude and learn grow to in your OWN soul path. DO THE WORK!!

Knowing the Spirit is true and within you is very important as well.

You have the power - set your intentions, change your steps and thoughts and self talk
And watch your reality and energy change.

Accept this unconditional love in your heart. Give it out.
You will receive 10 fold what you give. You will make this world and your reality a better one.

I am witness

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