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Are humans fueled by greed or by love?

First asked   Feb 4, 2022,
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Answered a Question    Sep 26, 2021

People are greedy for love.
People love power and money, power and money make people greedy.

I believe that greed and love both fuel humans, I don't think they contradict each other, on the contrary, I think they go hand in hand.

I think that a majority of what humans do is done for themselves. It's probably not as simple and straight forward as it sounds, but rather, it's at a deeper, sometimes unconscious level.
Doing good things for others, or simply doing things that we know will make others feel good, in return makes us feel good about ourselves. This, I believe, is a major factor in our decision-making process.

On top of this though, there is a motive, and unfortunately, many peoples motives come from greed for money and power, the two things they live for, which are often the same thing.

For others, their motives may come from a place of love.

But what is this love?
Are the actions and decisions we make not partially in order to make people love us more, or to keep the love we already have?

If that is the case, is it not greed for love that fuels those actions and decisions?

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