Frequently Asked Questions

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Are There Are Any Guidelines Or Rules That I Should Follow When Posting Content?

Yes! Head over to our Terms of Service page, where you will find everything you need to know about our rules and guidelines.

Can I Delete The Content I Post On This Site?

You can delete your content from only if you posted it while you were logged in to an account. If you post content while you are not logged in to an account, the content will be posted as Anonymous and you will not be able to delete it later.

If I See Content That I Believe To Be Against Divuni`S ToS, What Can I Do?

If you see any content or another member that you believe does not abide by our Terms of Service, you can report that item or person to us, and we will look into it as soon as we can!
To report items, you can click on the flag icon that is found in all member profiles and posted content, and choose the option that best fits the situation in the form that opens.
Thank you for helping us keep this community safe and clean!

Who Will See The Content I Post?

Everyone can see the content posted on!
While not everyone may end up reading all of the content on this site, all of the content posted is available for everyone to read.

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