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Do you believe in second chances?

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First asked   Jan 28, 2022,
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Jun 6, 2021

I believe in more than just second chances.

Every person is fighting their own battle, everyone was raised differently, and everyone will make a mistake at some point, especially with other people in their life, i believe this is unavoidable. But it is up to us to allow these people and ourselves to learn from those mistakes and to grow from them, if we don't give someone another chance, we are limiting how much they, and we, can learn and grow from those mistakes.
If someone doesn't take that new chance you offer them and learn from it, then that is on them, not you, you offered them the chance to learn and grow.

I never rule someone or something out, at least i try not to.
If someone does something that hurts the trust between us, they always have a chance to gain my trust again, but i will know to be more cautious with them in the future.

Trust for me is a difficult thing, but i believe that i am also a very forgiving person, so while i may eventually trust a person again, that trust may not be the same as it used to be. It may be a weaker trust, and it may be a different kind of trust, a more selective trust.

Of course, each case and situation is its own, each person is different, so the amount of trust i put in each person will be different, the amount of trust i will put back in people in the second, third and so on chance will be different based on that person and case.

I do think that in the end, if someone continues to do things that eventually hurt me, any additional chances i will give will be much smaller than the others. Meaning, i won't be mad, i won't hold a grudge, i will be ok with that person, nothing more. So the extra chance would be a chance to still be ok with me, but it won't be a chance to be what we were before.

Its great to give more chances and i think people deserve more than one chance, but at some point you have to understand and accept the reality of things, and that maybe what you had until now was not right for you, and that the next chance does exist, but is just different from the past ones.

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