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Is there somebody you would consider "the one who got away"?

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First asked   Aug 28, 2021,
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Aug 28, 2021

Nope, at the time of my breakups I probably would have answered yes to this, but in reality, after getting over them, I don't think I actually have someone I think "got away", what ended ended and was probably for the better.

But it really depends on when you ask yourself this question. If you are asking it right after a breakup, or, when someone you want doesn't want you back, you may consider them the as ones that got away, but maybe after a while, after you feel better about it, you will start to understand that it was only temporary.

Also, once you are actually in a relationship with someone you want to be with and love, you may not consider anyone "the one that got away" since you are happy (assuming you are happy in the relationship).

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