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What are your values and are you being true to them?

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First asked   Sep 3, 2021,
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Jun 30, 2021

To try and be the best person i can be.
Its hard to say if i am living up to this, at times i feel like i am, at other times it feels like i am far from it.

This is the core of all other values for me, this includes not hurting or harming others, people and animals, it includes trying to be as helpful as i can, to be honest, to not do to others what i wouldn't want done to me.
It includes everything that would make me the person i want to be.

Sometimes i feel like i am on the right path to being the best me i can be, sometimes it feels as if i took quit a few steps back.

I know i am never going to be perfect, and i am not trying to be. I am just trying to be the person i see in myself as best as i can.

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