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What gets you excited about life?

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First asked   Apr 12, 2022,
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Jun 6, 2021

There are different things in life that get me excited.
When there is a big trip, or adventure as i would call it, coming up, or traveling, those things get me excited, i guess for the change that comes with them.
I think though that if there is no change, it may be less exciting to me, since change is something that i think i need more in my life.

So i guess another thing that is exciting is change, though, it is also one of the things i fear the most.

Another thing is success, personal success, when i accomplish something that i am working on, could be work related, could be even getting rid of things, this gives me a sense of joy and pleasure, and motivates me to keep going and to do more, which in return excites me.

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