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What is one dream you have yet to accomplish?

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First asked   Nov 21, 2021,
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May 26, 2021

I want to live and to build a house in a forest.

I'm not sure when this dream actually developed, but since it did, it has not left me for years.
There is something that attracts me about just being in a forest. There is a certain peace in the loneliness of the woods, of nature.

The calmness I feel when I am alone in a forest is not something that I have ever been able to replicate anywhere else.
My mind is clear in the forest, when I think, I think mindfully, I think deeply and peacefully.
I am able to understand things that I could not understand before, my thought process is just on a whole other level when I am in a forest, just walking or being in it.
My mind flows calmly.

To be able to live in nature, to be able to build a house for myself to live in, feels to me like building a whole world, my whole world.
Just the thought of this makes me feel more at home than I feel almost anywhere else.

This has become much more than just a dream, it has become my life goal.

Some people would say that living in a forest, especially alone, would drive them insane. I believe we all are insane to some degree, I believe that living in society has corrupted our minds, at least it has mine, and my cleansing, my healing, would be my loneliness in the forest.

This doesn't mean that I seek to always be alone for the rest of my life in a forest.
I do see a family, I do see friends and a community joining. In what way though, I am not sure. For now, all I can think about when I think about this is the quietness of the tress and how peaceful my life would be among with them.

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