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What makes you feel uneasy? Overwhelmed? Anxious?

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First asked   Oct 1, 2021,
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May 20, 2021

When I notice people looking at me.
It automatically gives me a feeling as if people are talking about me in a negative way behind my back, just in this case its looking at me instead of talking. Though, if they are in a group and even one person is looking at me in the group, I will think that maybe they are talking about me.

I cant help it, it just automatically happens, it makes me want to just leave or disappear. Its especially bad if I was planning on talking to the person for what ever reason, but obviously I don't do that once this happens.

I tell myself that its probably just my imagination and that its not really like that, but something in me just doesn't let that feeling go, and then I actually do get awkward next to them and actually do give them something to talk about or a reason look at me strangely, because I feel very uneasy and overwhelmed, very anxious in these situations.

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