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When was the last time you tried something new?

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First asked   Mar 7, 2022,
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May 22, 2021

I have tried many new things that were pretty small, I always try to do new things, life gets boring otherwise.

I have tried to have a more minimalist approach to life, for me this includes donating most of my clothes, keeping only the things I do actually wear instead of keeping the rest in my closet for no real reason.
I also got rid of quit a bit of junk, things that were just sitting in my house for no real reason. The reason was actually because I always though that I would do something with these things, but with some items that has been the case for a few years, and I never did anything with them, so I decided to just get rid of them.
The process was surprisingly calming, leveling, and really eye opening as to how much stuff I have collected and saved.
Besides the personal benefits though, I don't really have such a close connection with my clothes to the point where I would stash them in my closet for years without using them, instead of donating them to people who actually need them and will actually use them. They will benefit from them so much more than I will.

I think that's been the main new thing that I have tried.
I always try to be more mindful, to meditate, but these things are really not consistent unfortunately, I usually am able to keep it up for a few weeks and then get back into the old habits, but I still try.

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