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How do you think people see you?

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First asked   Jun 8, 2021,
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May 14, 2021

That is a question i have been asking myself for years, i have no idea!

Whenever i see people looking at me i always tend to assume the worst, especially if they smile or laugh, i feel its more at me and not with me.

It makes me want to hide myself from the world sometimes, though i never actually know what they are smiling or laughing about or why they are even looking at me.
But it always brings up that question, why are they looking at me? What do they see?

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Jun 3, 2021

We will never truly know and it will alway be a mystery. No matter how much we know someone and their intentions, we are still different in their eyes. Where you see flaws they see bursary and vice versa.

Like have you ever had a dream about someone? And that someone appeared much more different in real life than your dreams. Like you know they are the same person but they seem different, maybe more cooler or attractive than reality

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