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What was your most memorable birthday?

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Aug 17, 2021  ·  Edited: Aug 17, 2021

I don't know what age i was, but i remember it very well. There were commercials on TV about a coin collection book where you would put each states coin in it, and as a little kid i thought that was pretty cool, so i asked my parents if i could have it.
This was, from what i remember, a while before my birthday, and i did not mean for them to get it for me as my birthday present. I may have not even asked them for it but just really liked it, i can't really remember.

My birthday came along, they sat me down on the couch, getting me ready for my gift, and i remember being so excited about the present i was about to get, about playing with whatever the toy was going to be for hours.

When they gave me the wrapped gift, it was quite large.
I opened it, and shockingly it was not a toy, it was a book..

That was also the first time i remember experiencing disappointment, i was so excited about the toy i thought i was going to get, and ended up getting a book.
It was also the first time i had to pretend to like something i didnt and to be happy, because, even though i wanted it, it was not the gift i was expecting, i was disappointed but didnt want to show it.

So, i said thank you and pretended to be excited about it. It wasnt a bad gift, i did ask for it (as far as i can remember at least), and i did collect coins and use it, so not bad at all.

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