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Have you ever Experience mental Health issue?

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First asked   Jul 12, 2022,
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Jul 13, 2022

Definitely. Quite a few times, actually.

When I was a kid, my father died, this sent me into a state of constantly thinking "what's the point?".
I don't know if this is common or not, especially for kids, but anytime I wanted to do something, my immediate thought was "What's the point?".
My way of coping with it was to not try and block those thoughts, because when I did that, it got worse, but also not to ignore them because, again, when I did that, it got worse. What helped me push through that phase and eventually get out of it was to basically accept those thoughts. Once those thoughts came up, I didn't pay them any attention, I noticed them and just let them be, and continued with what ever I was doing, or planning on doing.
This phase eventually passed. It was not easy, especially in the beginning, but as time went by, it became easier and easier, until those thoughts just stopped, without me even noticing that they had stopped.

Thinking back on it now, I realize that that is sort of a core principle in meditation, I believe. In meditation, you are instructed to not try and block your thoughts, to not get angry or frustrated with them, and to definitely not fight them, because that will only make things more difficult, it will be more difficult to get those thoughts out of your mind and to stop them from coming. Instead, we are instructed to let the thoughts be. Let them come, notice them, and then just let them go. It's the more we linger on to those thoughts that cause those thoughts to linger on to us. If we just notice them, don't give them our energy, and let them pass, they will do just that, they will pass.

Other than that phase in my life, I have had quite a few different issues. I don't know if they could be considered mental health issues, or just sort of "who I am" issues. They may have just been part of my personality. Either way, they were struggles, and they still are.

I am much more mindful than I was in the past, I am much more aware and accepting of myself, and of others. Still, though, I know I have some unresolved issues that I am working on. And I believe it's just a work in progress that takes time, and acceptance. Like life itself, I believe it's a work in progress and as we go through it, it improves, as long as we allow it to.

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