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What are 10 tips in writing a journal?

First asked   Jan 26, 2023,
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Answered a Question    Jan 26, 2023
  1. Don't judge yourself, your journal is for you, not for others.
  2. Don't try to make it perfect, allow yourself to make mistakes in spelling and grammar.
  3. Don't copy other people's writing styles. Write in your own way, however it comes out.
  4. Don't force yourself to write, not every day and not a certain amount of words/pages.
  5. Don't let journaling take over your life or become an obsession.
  6. Find a spot you feel comfortable in, and that you won't be interrupted.
  7. Use a pen and notebook that you enjoy using.
  8. Don't just write down things that happened, reflect on them, analyze them, try to understand them.
  9. Make journaling a habit by doing it at a scheduled day and time, but don't be too strict.
  10. Journal with an open mind, allow your thoughts to flow, and explore even the silliest ideas.
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