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When was the last time you were hopelessly lost?

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First asked   Dec 29, 2021,
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Nov 20, 2021

It was more of a feeling rather than actually being lost.

It was just a time that felt as if nothing was working out in life.
I wasn't living the life that had always been my goal, even though I had every option to do so, and I just felt stuck in the situation I was in.
I worked for years on projects that didn't seem to result in anything.
Relationships were going nowhere.

It all just seemed as if nothing was working out.
It took me quite a bit of time to get out of it and to find my motivation again.
Once I took a few deep breaths and cleared my mind a little bit from the disappointment and self-pity, I was able to get back on track and make things better.

The biggest pain and fear was the thought that I had just wasted so much time, so many years, and this thought depleted all and any motivation I had to continue with anything.

Once I was able to understand that it's never too late, I was able to pick myself up and continue on towards my goals.
This though did take some time, because as easy as saying it's never too late is, actually believing it is not so easy.

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