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Do you believe everyone is capable of change?

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First asked   Jan 10, 2022,
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Dec 8, 2021

Yes, I believe that everyone is capable of changing themselves and others.
Of course, doing it is not as easy as it is to write it down.

Many times, the changes we bring may only be temporary, especially if they are changes in ourselves.
This is because we are so used to our habits, and just like creating new habits is a very difficult task for many, so is breaking old ones.

As much as we would like to change things about ourselves, it's just not always that simple. Sometimes, an enormous amount of motivation is required for the change to be a permanent one. otherwise, it could end up just being a phase. That is one reason why sometimes a big change will only come after a significant event, it's that event that gives the motivation to make the change permanent.

This may be different for everyone, and finding your own way to making change is key, and it may not be like anyone else's way for causing a change.

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