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What’s something that everyone knows is true, but we don’t like to admit it?

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First asked   Oct 3, 2021,
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Oct 30, 2021

When we are wrong.
When we make a mistake, either in our actions or our words, people normally have a very hard time admitting it.

This is especially true when we are blamed for things. Even though it may be true and whatever happened was our fault, the moment we are blamed for it we will try to play it down as if it's not a big deal, or just straight out try and convince the other side that it is not our fault and that we are not wrong.

Some people have this worse than others. Some cannot have conversations without claiming things that are not true, and when confronted about those things, they just won't admit that they were wrong. Some will lie, some will make up stories, and some will try to change the situation in their favor, to prove that what they said is correct.

I think this is something that most of us do, as people, even if it's not on purpose, we just can't help it, we don't like being wrong.

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