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What are your thoughts on marriage?

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First asked   Jun 11, 2021,
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Dec 30, 2021

I think marriage has become more of a cultural matter than anything else.
People tend to get married because that's just what you do at a certain age or period in your life, as if marriage is the goal.

In some cultures, marriage is a requirement, and in others its a matter of religion.

But in most cases, people get married because that is just what you do. Family may push for marriage, and people may do it even if they don't really want to.

But what is marriage, what is the real point of it?
In many places, being a married couple rather than just being partners can give you certain benefits with the government.

Besides people who want or need those benefits, or those who fall into groups that marriage is a big part of it, such as religion, I do not believe that there is a real point of getting married. Not now a days.

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