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is journaling worth it?

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First asked   Feb 7, 2023,
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Feb 8, 2023

I can say that journaling has really helped me in my life. Not just journaling though, but generally writing things down instead of just thinking about them.

When I am faced with a puzzle, problem, or anything I am having difficulty understanding or solving, I write it down. I start writing things down and exploring what I understand out of the situation, what may have caused it, the consequences, solutions, and anything else I can think of.

This is the same way I journal actually. I write my thoughts down, and continue exploring them, asking myself more and more questions.

I use this for my personal life when I am facing difficult situations, and also for my professional life when I need to solve a difficult work related issue.

So for me, journaling is 100% worth it. It really has helped me make sense out of things in my life, and to improve things that I was stuck with for a long time.

I do find it difficult to keep up with this habit at times, I have an issue of devoting time to the things I know will help me, but, I am certain that if I would actually make a habit out of journaling, and do it more often, my life would be somewhat less difficult.

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