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What makes you feel like you need to be alone?

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First asked   Oct 17, 2021,
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Jun 9, 2021

When I feel pressure and general uncertainty about life.

It happens quite often honestly, and these two reasons usually go hand in hand with me. My uncertainty about life causes me a lot of pressure, and this pressure I feel, and the uncertainty, also come from external sources, such as family.

There is a general notion that one must know what they are doing with their life, that they should have a big picture, a goal, but even more than that, a plan, one that is laid out in front of them.

I am not like this, but a lot of people in my life are, and unfortunately their will for this kind of life many times puts me in a situation where I start to question myself about these things as well. What am I doing with my life? Where am I going? And for what reasons?

The moment I start asking myself these questions I start feeling an overwhelming sense of pressure, and this makes me want to escape from it. It makes me feel the need to get away from it.

People consider this running away. I disagree.

What I am doing is very simple, I am understanding things in my own way, in the way that best suits me, not others.

For others, talking and sharing with others helps understanding things, it helps them be calmer and to release a little bit of the pressure. For me, this does not work.

I found what works for me, and that is being alone. It could be for a few hours or a few days. However long, when I'm alone I feel a great sense of freedom, I feel relieved from the stress of life. This is especially true when I go into nature.

Just walking around in nature releases me from all of the negative thoughts and the stress I face, instead of these negative and consuming feelings, I am actually able to understand myself and what I am feeling, I am able to put the stress aside and think only about the issue.

This is my greatest cure for stress and situations in life where I just don't have an answer for what's next, or when I just don't feel myself.

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Jul 11, 2021

Stress and pressure, they are like a time bomb, the moment I start feeling stressed or pressured I know I have to get away otherwise I will not be able to calm down, so I go for a walk in the forest, which always calms me down and lets me think about things clearly.

People also make me feel like I need to be alone, not necessarily because of anything they do, its more about how I perceive the things others do. Sometimes I just feel as if everyone is against me, at those times all I want to do is to be alone, by myself.

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