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Can meditation help with stopping bad habbits?

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First asked   Aug 20, 2022,
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Dec 12, 2022

Meditation can help with stopping bad habits because it trains you to have better control over your mind, thoughts, and desires, which means that you will be better able to break bad habits by controlling your behavior, addictions, cravings, or what ever else is causing these bad habits.

Meditation helps train you to control your mind better by increasing your ability to focus on a single thing, be it an object, thought, sound, or anything else. This is in contrast to how peoples minds usually work, which is to just wander off into thoughts, and many times, harmful thoughts. This can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and can encourage bad habits.

Being more in control of your mind will allow you to have more control over your chain of thoughts, it will allow you to prevent your mind from wandering off and thinking about things you do not want it to, which can also help keep your mind off of the bad habits, and focus on creating new, better habits.

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