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will meditation help my anger?

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First asked   Aug 9, 2022,
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Aug 15, 2022

Meditation can help with your anger by allowing you to clear your mind of the thoughts that are making you angry. This is because of what meditation teaches you and trains you to do, which is to accept things, and let them go, and to focus on the now rather than what happened or what may happen.

We can easily get angry at things that were said to us, or at things that we think may happen in the future. Meditation enables us to release those feelings by focusing on certain elements, such as our breath. Meditation incorporates breathing techniques that, when used while angry, can help reduce those feelings, and can help center us and bring us back to a calmer state.

While meditating, we are actively training our ability to focus on a single thing, such as our breath. This enhanced focus allows us to better clear our minds from unwanted thoughts, and emotions such as anger, and the thoughts that may be causing this anger.

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